Friday Favs: April 11th – Tweet Tweet

If you are out there on the Twitterverse you may already be aware of these writing hashtags. Both are Friday related, so I figured they would be a good fit for this week’s favorites.

FPlogoThe first is Friday Phrases. The associated website describes it best:

“#FP is a Twitter microfiction party held on Fridays. It stands for #FridayPhrases, but in order to have the maximum number of characters (out of 140) at our disposal, we’ve shortened #FridayPhrases to #FP.

We tweet out our best 140-character (or less!) microfiction with the #FP hashtag. We also retweet and comment on the #FP tweets we appreciate or enjoy. #FP is all about having imaginative fun and making connections with other creative tweeps!”

Even if you are not a writer, this can be a fun follow for readers.


The second favorite for this week is WriteClub, which holds writing sprints on Friday nights on Twitter (and some offshoots on other nights too). Again – they explain best on their website:

“#WriteClub is a Twitter hashtag where writers from all over the world come every Friday night (and randomly throughout the week) to join in support and encouragement of each other. We do thirty-minute writing sprints, with 10-15 minute breaks between. Start and stop times are tweeted from the host account, @FriNightWrites. “

I find these sprints very inspiring if I am getting in a slump as the group is very encouraging. It is also great to watch the word count totals go up for the entire group as the evening progresses. While writing is a pretty solitary activity, this helps to bring a sense of community to the process.


Any other Twitter activity you’d recommend to keep an eye on?

The Diva’s weekly challenge 162: Initial String

This week The Diva challenged us to create a Zentangle tile using our initials as the starting string. (The string is the starting pencil line(s) that guides the space for the tangles). So for me, that meant ‘AM’ as my starting string.

I chose to take 2 approaches for this one. The first is a monotangle of Paradox where I started with big block letters as my string. I spent most of this one looking at it sideways as I was drawing, and by the end, these started reminding me of bizarre bird faces. Do you ever start seeing things in your tangles that you didn’t intend?


On the second tile I used cursive letters for my string and used more organic tangles. This is my favored of the two. It is much more like the work I normally do, plus – no creepy birds staring out at me.


Be sure to check out all the other great tiles posted over on The Diva’s blog.

Love to hear your feedback…

Fridays Favs: April 4th – SE PA Writing Conferences

Spring and summer bring some writing conferences to our corner or Pennsylvania. Here are a few that are on my list:

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

This conference is held every March in the Bethlehem area. It has been on my list to attend for the past couple of years, but I always end up missing the deadline due to the beginning of the year craziness. Maybe next year…


This conference is held out in Lancaster in May and is on my list for this year. Looks to be a good line up, and I am pretty excited about attending! (Particularly if I can get my writing buddy from the mid-state to join me – hint, hint – you know who you are)

The Philadelphia Writers’ Conference

I attended this one last year and loved it. I came away totally re-charged with my writing. The only thing I would have done differently was to stay overnight at the conference rather than driving in each day. The evening activities are not to be missed!

And lastly, there is this little nugget I read about from Amtrak. They are beginning to offer writer residencies on their trains. Sounds like a pretty nifty way to get a change of scenery for writing.

Any other conferences you love?

Tuesday Totals: April 1, 2014

These First Tuesday posts are here to help keep me honest with a couple of my goals, but I may include some other achievements as well. Because, you have to celebrate the small stuff sometimes too, you know? (not the really small stuff, like actually getting up on time, or managing to get the laundry folded right away, although some days those can feel like pretty big accomplishments.)


Two main projects going (goal, total word count, and progress)

No-see-ums: 55/60K goal, 6929 total word count,  targeting 500 words each week

Seasonals: 40K goal, 1001 total word count, targeting 500 words each week


Weight Loss:

My husband and I are both trying to get in shape, eat healthier, more exercise, you know the drill. We started a little friendly competition to help motivate ourselves with a race toward losing 20 pounds.

Weight lost: 9.8/20 (slowly but surely, and still in the lead.)

Wish me luck! I’d love any words of encouragement!

Where have you been?

Oh, it has been a rough couple of months. February and march flew by with way, way, WAY too much going on, so this poor little bloggy got left in the lurch. But, Spring is finally here (although we did get more snow last night) and it is time to get the house in order. So, a quick little post to set the stage on what is coming…

B taking over the drawing tablet.

B taking over the drawing tablet.

Going forward, I will be back with my Friday Favorite posts. April’s favorites will be focused on writing. Hopefully there will be some tidbits you enjoy and find interesting, even if you are not a writer.

Tuesday totals are just going to be posted once a month. First Tuesday of the month. Which means next week gets one on April first. April fool’s day! Should I go serious on that one, or have a bit of fun?

Garden updates will also be starting! We have 3 more raised beds to add to the plan this year and are getting the first of our cold weather crops in this weekend. I’ll be keeping you up to date on our progress there and May’s favorites will be garden related as well.

And then there will be the random writing and drawing posts, and whatever else may be catching my fancy. Let me know if there is anything you want to see more of.

Happy Reading!