Celebrating Mom

7th May, 2020 / Art, Mixed Media / No Comments

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to share a little something from last year, something that was one of my favorite commissions to date.

I had a client come in whose mother had recently passed, seeking a commemorative painting that included a very meaningful poem and her mother’s favorite flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace.

I followed my usual process for this painting, with the poem collaged in as part of the background, then building up the layers until I get to the detail work of the flower.

During a studio visit, the client stopped by to check in, and requested a companion piece to represent her husband’s mother. For this one she supplied a poem with script written by his mother to be included.

Both I and the client were very happy with how these turned out. This is one of those times that we artists love – being able to connect with our clients and giving them heartfelt artwork to fill their home.

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