Challenges: Diva 225 and Bright Owl 101

10th July, 2015 / Zentangle / 18 Comments

Here are my tiles for a couple of this week’s challenges along with some other work from the week.

The Diva’s challenge for this week was to use color. Before I started working, I knew I wanted to use orange and green on the tile, and while it started out looking like a mustache, once I finished the tangles and added color, it appears the carrots in our garden are calling to me.

Meer, Sampson, Zander, Gneiss

Meer, Sampson, Zander, Gneiss

The Bright Owl’s Zendala challenge is back as well. I used this to try out a couple of new tangles that I have been seeing around, and am pretty happy with the result. This includes Trio from Hanny Waldburger and a little bit ofย Tangled Fortune Cookie from Traci Scott.

Trio, Finery, Fortune Cookie

Trio, Finery, Fortune Cookie

I also completed a couple of other tiles this week, one for the Facebook Square One group focusing on Munchin, and the other just finishing off a tile left from CZT20 with Mooka. I kept that one pretty simple…


Mooka, Tearce


Munchin, Dragonair, Flux

I hope you enjoy them, and I’d love to hear your feedback. Don’t forget to check out all the other great work on the Diva and Bright Owl challenges!


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