Diva Challenge #224 plus more

4th July, 2015 / Zentangle / 4 Comments

A little late getting my tangle work up for this week, but here are a few tiles I have been working on.

First up, the Diva’s weekly challenge #224. This week she challenged us to do a monotangle using only Tipple. I started out with a zig-zag string and just went from there. Don’t forget to check out all the challenge responses from all the other tanglers!

Tipple Monotangle for the Diva's weekly challenge #224

Tipple Monotangle for the Diva’s weekly challenge #224

I also spent this week trying out a few new tangles. Here is a bijou tile I did with Abundies from Hanny Waldburger. I filled in the center using Lotus Pods, from Margaret Bremner.

Abundies with Lotus Pods

Abundies with Lotus Pods

This last one was left from CZT20. We had been working on Paradox but had only done 2 of the triangles while at the seminar. I completed a full 6 and then decided to try out Olb after watching the new video from Helen Williams. I thought it transitioned pretty nicely from the Paradox.

Paradox and Olb

Paradox and Olb

Thanks for looking. Hope all of you here in the states are having a great Independence Day, and those any where else are enjoying a bit of freedom and liberty where-ever you are!


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