Diva Challenge #239 and Black Tiles

16th October, 2015 / Zentangle / 5 Comments

This week the Diva has challenged us to use Munchin and confessed her dislike of black tiles. She offered up using white on black as an optional portion. I happen to love black tiles, so that aspect of the challenge was a no brainer for me. I have been playing with shiny things lately, so I went gold with Munchin with some white accents.

Munchin, Tipple, Flux

Munchin, Tipple, Flux

I recently order the new Tints on Tan kit from Jenny Peruzzi and Marty Deckel. They do a fantastic job putting these together, and provide very clear instructions so it feels like you are taking a class with them.


Tints on Tan - Autumn Splendor

Tints on Tan – Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor detail

Autumn Splendor detail

I enjoyed the tinting techniques so much, that I tried my hand at a tinted black tile, with a psuedo snowflake theme.

Snowflake with Printemps, Hypnotize, Paradox, and Finery

Snowflake Zendala with Printemps, Hypnotize, Paradox, and Finery

In addition to the white pen, I had to go back back in with the Starlight gel pen to give it a little extra winter sparkle. (I know it is not winter yet, but I sooo love when the snow starts falling.)



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