Friday Favs: April 11th – Tweet Tweet

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If you are out there on the Twitterverse you may already be aware of these writing hashtags. Both are Friday related, so I figured they would be a good fit for this week’s favorites.

FPlogoThe first is Friday Phrases. The associated website describes it best:

“#FP is a Twitter microfiction party held on Fridays. It stands for #FridayPhrases, but in order to have the maximum number of characters (out of 140) at our disposal, we’ve shortened #FridayPhrases to #FP.

We tweet out our best 140-character (or less!) microfiction with the #FP hashtag. We also retweet and comment on the #FP tweets we appreciate or enjoy. #FP is all about having imaginative fun and making connections with other creative tweeps!”

Even if you are not a writer, this can be a fun follow for readers.


The second favorite for this week is WriteClub, which holds writing sprints on Friday nights on Twitter (and some offshoots on other nights too). Again – they explain best on their website:

“#WriteClub is a Twitter hashtag where writers from all over the world come every Friday night (and randomly throughout the week) to join in support and encouragement of each other. We do thirty-minute writing sprints, with 10-15 minute breaks between. Start and stop times are tweeted from the host account, @FriNightWrites. “

I find these sprints very inspiring if I am getting in a slump as the group is very encouraging. It is also great to watch the word count totals go up for the entire group as the evening progresses. While writing is a pretty solitary activity, this helps to bring a sense of community to the process.


Any other Twitter activity you’d recommend to keep an eye on?

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