Friday Favs: April 18th – Cotton-Headed Ninny-Muggins!

18th April, 2014 / Friday Favorites, Writing / No Comments

One of my favorite movies is Elf. I find Buddy to be so endearing in his flawed innocence. His character is demonstrated not only through his actions, but also in his language, something all writers need to consider when crafting their characters. This includes their insults. Buddy’s self criticism has been one of my best loved lines since seeing the movie. (Along with the recitation of the sugar based food groups.)

I have come across a couple of insult related items that are great for adding flavor to characters.

The first lists colloquial insults from around the globe, lots of fun stuff here.

The second is a profanity generator from the mind of Chuck Wendig over on his TerribleMinds blog. (Note: this one contains foul language. Much, much foul language. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

What about you? Any favorite insults?

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