Friday Favs: April 25th – Online Help

25th April, 2014 / Friday Favorites, Writing / No Comments

The internet has been a great help to me when it comes to improving my writing. There are so many great resources available. At a recent session with my writing buddy, she commented about how many tabs I had open across the top of my browser window, and why didn’t I just bookmark them?Those are all things I want to go back and check out, but I don’t know if they are bookmark worthy until I check them out! The links I’m sharing this week are ones that made it into the bookmarks:

TedEdI love watching TED talks. I think they are a fantastic way to share ideas, get inspiration, or just learn some really cool stuff. One of the things the folks over there have done is to group up the various lessons into neat little bundles of information. The Writer’s Workshop being one of these bundles. You can sit down and have a full day of information, or just take a little peek when you need a refresher.

DiyMFA DIY MFA is the brainchild of Gabriela Pereira. She put together this program with the aim to allow any writer to continuing on their path, with out the commitment to a fulltime MFA program. She focuses on writing, reading, and building community. (And when I say she, I mean the whole team over there..) Be sure to check it out – there are tons of resources available for you!



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