Friday Favs: Jan 31, 2014 – Charles Santoso

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So a little backstory on this one. I write (I need to post more of my writing on this site, but that is another topic). Or, I tell stories. I often spend trips in the car telling stories to my daughter based on her requests. This has developed some favorites (like the one about the horses and the dragons), and has led to more requests. Typically in the vein of “Mommy, tell me a story that has X and Y.” (Fill in the X and Y variables with any random topic in the mind of a 5 year old – things can get pretty interesting and challenging)

So, one of these requests was for a story with Fairies and Zombies. After writing this story, I went looking for pictures of cute zombies online, which is when I found this one, and fell in love with Charles Santoso’s work.

The cute zombie boy I found by Charles Santoso

The cute zombie boy I found by Charles Santoso

His aesthetic is very endearing, cute, fun, and fantastical all at once. This is another one of my favorites, from a series he did after the Japan tsunami.

Passing Hope - Charles Santoso

Hope – Charles Santoso

You can check out more of his work at his website or his tumblr.

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

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