Friday Favs: Sept 13 – Steps in the right direction

13th September, 2013 / Friday Favorites / No Comments

A couple of links today on things that I think are steps in the right direction:

When I am shopping with my daughter, I get very tired of seeing very pink and pastel aisles in the toy sections targeted at her, and very blue and bright colored sections targeted at the boys. She loves to build things, but will often not go in the aisle with legos and the like because that is part of “the boy stuff”. I can normally get her over that by pointing out the cool stuff there (she does like superheroes, dragons, etc that are all typically in the aisle targeted at boys. But as you can see here, it looks like the UK may be starting to push away from this. Would be great to see the same sort of thing here.

UK Toys R Us to stop gendered marketing


The Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in the Detroit suburbs has opened an onsite organic greenhouse to feed its patients as well as offer educational events. With all of the talk about healthcare going on these days, its nice to see some focus on the basics. Start with a healthy diet, balance with exercise, and you are on the right track. I would love to see more gardens like this open up at schools of all levels as well.

Organic Hospital Greenhouse

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