Life Book 2016

13th January, 2016 / Creativity / 2 Comments

This year I have joined Life Book, which is an online art journaling course and community run by Tamara Laporte. If you have any interest in art journaling, I highly recommend it! Tamara has a great energy about her and mixes in self exploration with the art making process.

Here is the first page of my book, from the first warm up lesson in the course.

mixed media art journal page

mixed media art journal page

Are you doing anything new this year? Any online classes you’d like to recommend?


  • Jewel January 13, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    Hey Alecia! How are you doing? Thought I would step out of the shadows and say hello!

    Your first page looks beautiful! I am a little overadventurous this year 🙂 I signed up for Let’s Face It 2016 which I am doing with my daughter. I also signed up for Joanne Sharpe’s Artfully Inspired Life 2016 and Jane LaFazio’s sketchbook course. The first two run the full year but the last one is only six weeks so that is the one I am focusing on first.

    Jewel CZT20


    • Alecia Miller January 20, 2016 at 3:29 pm

      Hi Jewel!
      Good luck with all your courses! I am also doing Mandala Magic 2016 and find it difficult juggling everything. So nice to see that you are doing a course with your daughter. Mine joins me sometimes, and has fun with some artwork, but does not stay interested for the long haul yet. Ah – the 7yo attention span!
      Maybe you can send some sunshine up our way – looks like we will need it after this weekend’s impending snow storm…


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