Open Tile and Open Studio

9th November, 2015 / Creativity, Zentangle / 14 Comments

The Diva’s challenge this week was to create a tile with the majority of the tile left open. We tanglers have a tendency to fill everything, so this was a very good challenge to remind us that the eyes need a resting spot too. I used a renaissance tile for this one, with Narwal (my current go to pattern), BTL JOOS, and springkle.

Narwal, BTL JOOS, Springkle

Narwal, BTL JOOS, Springkle

The posters for the upcoming open studio at the Coleman’s Artist Studios are out! Big thanks to Rachel Romano for getting the posters made (and for making sure she got me on there even though I am getting into the space so close to the event).

November 21st - Hope to see you there!

November 21st – Hope to see you there!


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