The Diva’s weekly challenge 162: Initial String

10th April, 2014 / Zentangle / 6 Comments

This week The Diva challenged us to create a Zentangle tile using our initials as the starting string. (The string is the starting pencil line(s) that guides the space for the tangles). So for me, that meant ‘AM’ as my starting string.

I chose to take 2 approaches for this one. The first is a monotangle of Paradox where I started with big block letters as my string. I spent most of this one looking at it sideways as I was drawing, and by the end, these started reminding me of bizarre bird faces. Do you ever start seeing things in your tangles that you didn’t intend?


On the second tile I used cursive letters for my string and used more organic tangles. This is my favored of the two. It is much more like the work I normally do, plus – no creepy birds staring out at me.


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Love to hear your feedback…


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