They just keep multiplying!

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For quite some time I have had the turtle as my animal totem to remind me that you only make progress when you stick out your neck, but a change has been taking place over the past couple of years and has now fully taken hold.

That’s right, I’m switching teams from the tortoise to the hare.

I have alway had a fondness for bunnies, had a few for pets, let them peruse our garden when I am feeling generous. They seem to show up for me during periods of change.

On my 50th birthday, Micki Wild posted one of her new rabbit paintings that I instantly connected with. It became my birthday present to me.

“She carries things deep inside her” by Micki Wild

Then last year during one of the sessions of an Artist’s Way group run by the Creative Light Factory, we did an exercise where we scribbled/drew on paper with our eyes closed as we thought about our creative path. Afterwards, we looked at our papers and found images within the scribbles that spoke to us. Guess what I found:

As part of that exercise, I delved into the symbolism of rabbits. They are said to be guides to the fairy world as they show up at dusk and dawn, supposedly when those pathways are open. They can be so still as to not be seen and spring into explosive action at a moments notice. But my favorite phrase to turn up was that they represent the undeniable current of growth.

During the past months of quarantine, I have grown quieter, and listened more, and the bunnies came back. Whether they are harbingers of change or just a reminder that things will continue beyond all of this chaos, I don’t know. I do know they have been comforting to paint, and they feel right for right now.

[still to be named…] detail

I’m curious if any of you have had similar experiences – any symbols or signs that have been haunting and inspiring you this summer?

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