Tuesday Totals: April 1, 2014

1st April, 2014 / Tuesday Totals / No Comments

These First Tuesday posts are here to help keep me honest with a couple of my goals, but I may include some other achievements as well. Because, you have to celebrate the small stuff sometimes too, you know? (not the really small stuff, like actually getting up on time, or managing to get the laundry folded right away, although some days those can feel like pretty big accomplishments.)


Two main projects going (goal, total word count, and progress)

No-see-ums: 55/60K goal, 6929 total word count,  targeting 500 words each week

Seasonals: 40K goal, 1001 total word count, targeting 500 words each week


Weight Loss:

My husband and I are both trying to get in shape, eat healthier, more exercise, you know the drill. We started a little friendly competition to help motivate ourselves with a race toward losing 20 pounds.

Weight lost: 9.8/20 (slowly but surely, and still in the lead.)

Wish me luck! I’d love any words of encouragement!

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